Our History

Online Quran Learning was initiated by few families living in USA in order to teach Quran online to their kids. However, people living in neighborhood adopted the concept which ultimately gained acceptance by the Muslim community living in different countries. With the passage of time, people have understood the real effectiveness of online Quran Tutors and how it helps people in Learning Quran Recitation at their homes.

It’s a great problem for the parents to provide Quran education to their kids in the western world. They either can’t hire the Quran teachers or they don’t have any tajweed teacher available close to their houses So they don’t make their children Quran literate. Keeping in view all these problems, we have established an online quran academy named as aqeedaetoheed basically stands for Electronic Quran Institute.

aqeedaetoheed.com is a worldwide Quran academy. It gives Quranic education to the people where this facility is not available. Our aim is to make our students learn tajweed( Recitation of the Holy Quran with correct pronunciation and accent ).

aqeedaetoheed.com is An Online Islamic Center For Providing Online Quran Tutoring Service That Enables You / Your Kids To Learn To Read The Holy Quran With Tajweed At Your Desired Time And Days With Live Quran Teacher. Our Lessons Are Equally Beneficial For Kids And Adults (Of Any Age). Memorization Of Quran Is Another Great Course Offered By aqeedaetoheed

aqeedaetoheed is an independent, non-partisan entity with no sectarian or political affiliations. Our aim is to promote Online Quran learning across the globe. Experts from Quranic education and IT industry are providing their expert services to deliver superior learning experience by employing state of the art technology and modern day teaching methodologies. We use state of the art technology for Online Quran Reading. We make sure that our students do not face any difficulty even they are trying Quran Reading Online for the very first. Our services do not demand high end computer knowledge from students. People with basic computer operating skills can take Online Quran Classes without any hassle.